Friday, 29 July 2011

Insurance pays up/ IWA festival

Good old Direct Line. Got a phone call from DL on Tuesday stating that they were sending me a new i-pod, a voucher to buy a new camera and a cheque to replace the phone. All of which were taken from me by Mr. Harp and one of his cronies just ten days ago.(They must have really been worried that I may have photographed what they were up to).   I never thought an insurance company would act this fast. Sure enough they all arrived on Friday morning.
In the meantime been carrying on with the harvest, 6 kilo of plums are in the process of becoming 3 gallons of wine and I’m eyeing some 20 litre barrels to make cider and perry. Already got 2 freezers but I think we may need another.
Off to the IWA festival at Burton at lunch time today and was a little surprised to find them still building the car park. The site was well laid out and plenty going on, would have liked to see it over the week-end when its in full swing but got to go and spend insurance company pennies and a planned visit to friends. Placed an order for 20 LED lamps to replace the power hungry halogens in the ceiling with a few more to be used for access points etc. Also brought some LCD gauges for the fuel tanks and water tank. In a moment of bravado signed up with the Grantham Canal Society and put our names down as volunteers – only Karen doesn’t know that bit yet. Oops!
Down working on the boat most of next week so expect more gruesome tales.

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Tom and Jan said...

I'd be prepared to help you drink the wine :-)