Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Wheelhouse woodwork

You my well remember the wheelhouse decking warped and lifting due to all the water coming in under and around the doors. Well I decided to replace this as it was a pain in the bum to have to keep watching your step, even though the leaks had not been fixed.

When the water damaged panelling was removed from round the doors you can see daylight between frame and woodwork, even after fitting some new screws as some self drilling screws in the steelwork were lose or had thread stripped.
It was all replaced by these panels with oak top and ply base rather than battens with 4mm flexible sealant strips to allow for expansion then edged in aluminium angle to stop splintering when lifting.

The whole lot was given six coats of varnish top and bottom. Wickes professional exterior in the absence of yacht varnish but it builds up much the same.
The side lockers had lift off tops which were a bit of a pain so cut the back off and fixed it to the side
Then fixed the rest of the top back using piano hinges as you can see in thedecking shot.

Doing that I also replaced these screws with machine screws. There seems to have been a shortage of short screws as things like this are found throughout.

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