Thursday, 7 July 2011

The wiring

 When I left school I joined the post office as trainee telphone engineer and served a three year apprenticeship dealing with things electrical. I have since forgotten most of what I learnt but the lesson of tidy wiring and tight terminals with no bare wire has always stuck with me. So the cats cradle of wires and the apparently live wire running to the negative bus bar had got to get sorted. Presumably Ben thinks a bit of blue tape makes everything right.
As mentioned prevoiusly all the wiring through bulkheads was unprotected. I thought finding grommets to fit the size of hole and thickness of steel was going to be a bit of a problem but no, Grommets Ltd Henfield ( )came to the rescue and I ordered a job lot of varoius sizes in rubber. Other options would probably have been cheeper but I know super glue will stick rubber. 
Every hole I could find was fitted with a grommet which was cut inserted and superglued back togeather. Wouldn't it have been easier to fit them before the wiring?

Another little item of note was that the inverter main fuse holder went up in smoke when Karen was using her hair dryer on the journey home. A terminal had worked loose either because it had ot been tightened down properly or, as I suspect, it had vibrated lose because no lock washer had been fitted.  

Can't imagine why the link to this blog was knocked off the Ben Harp Narrowboats web site.

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