Sunday, 7 December 2014

All Sorts

The title was going to be ‘Wing walls, flying boats, tidying up and poo tanks’ but that seemed to be a bit over the top but none the less that’s what has been happening over the last few weeks.
Most of the work at home has been to tidy up the garage/workshop so I can actually work in there. Its been OK up to now with the fine weather because I could work outside with the larger projects. Fortunately all the bigger machinery is on wheels so it can be shifted about.
Been doing quite a bit with the Grantham Canal Society lately. A work party down at Woolsthorpe clearing scrub from the off side of lock 17 and one at Harlaxton clearing self set trees and shrubs from between towpath and canal but cried off early because my new safety shoes were giving me grief. Think they will be for the bin unless I can find a way of spreading the steel toe cap.
Some of the lads have been re-pointing the top wing walls at lock 17 and have done a marvellous job in very dirty conditions. Making temporary dams so that the pointing can be done right down to the canal bed.
Ralph hard at work. As you can see even with the pound drained there is still water about. They have only been able to dam off a small section at a time yet have managed to work all the way round. Hats off to them.
At the same time the society has become the proud owner of the weed boat ‘Osberton’
Leaving Rugeley
Now in Woolsthorpe depot in readiness for repainting and reassembly. If anyone out there is feeling rich or would like to help raise funds to assist the society with this project have a look on the website Better still come and give us a hand.
I know blatant begging bowl stuff, but it is in a good causeJ
On the T-A front, the water tank has now been drained down with the intention of lifting the top to recoat the inside once it has dried off. And a new sender unit has been purchased for the black water tank after the old one let us down last time.
No more floats and arms it is all done ultrasonically. Progress innt wonderful.