Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mundane and Momentous

Playing catch up again.
Brought home the wheelhouse and skylight off Trudy-Ann for varnishing while she is in the paint shop but the weather is proving a bit of a problem because I don’t have enough space in the garage to keep wet varnish away from the woodworking. Also came back with some portholes where the double glazing units had failed. No problem there, Lee Glass in Nottingham soon made some new units up which are all reassembled and are ready to go again.
Decided to make a new gas locker top in sapele as the steel one weighs a tonne, but the problem here is that the corners are round which means bending wood. Came up with the plan of making plenty of  thin strips to go round the edge and laminating them to make a solid lip.
Knew all those clamps would come in handy.
On the Grantham Canal front. Went to remove the last piece of fallen tree from Vincents Bridge only to find the local yobbery had rolled it back into the cut. We had left it only partly cut through so that it would be too heavy for kids to be tempted.
An indication to its size is that it is sitting on the bottom so it certainly wasn’t pushed in by toddlers. To add insult to injury while we were down there some ignorant toe rag chucked a large cardboard box over the bridge parapet and drove off. The box was for a self assembly Wendy house and was full of polystyrene. Ian took it down the tip but why oh why couldn’t that have happened in the first place?
The big event though was the trip boat being worked through the Woolsthorpe flight to bring it alongside the depot.
Exiting 18
In 17
This is the first time a boat has been through this millennium. Sounds grand but it is about 20 years since they were last able to be used.
Unfortunately  the camera failed during the move through lock 17 so no shots of lock 16.