Monday, 17 November 2014

In A Whirl

Lots going on at the moment but not a deal with T-A. Been down to the boat a couple of times to clear the roof and start getting ready for winter.
The main event over the last few weeks has got to be our day out in London. Starting out at St. Paul’s and walking down to the tower along the embankment with its views of the shard and HMS Belfast.
Only one picture of the poppies at the tower as there have been so many shows on TV.
Look beyond the red and see the hoards of people surrounding the moat to get a view –they go all the way round.
Just as we were going in a warship came through tower bridge so I wanted to get a picture of the bridge raised.
But all I managed to get were the crowds.
Inside the tower fortunately for us was a lot less crowded but no less amazing.
Apart from the usual there are various sculptures all over the place.
Look closely and you will see they are made from just chicken wire – amazing.
The main project is clearing out the workshop so I have enough room to work inside during the bad weather. Otherwise I has been doing some of the autumn jobs around the garden.
On the Grantham canal front there have been a couple of work parties doing a bit of tidying up and sorting out.
At long last the information board for Clarks bridge is back in place.
There seems to be a few canal developments as well, but more of that in the future.