Friday, 26 April 2013

Oh Happy Day

Pottering about this morning doing various jobs but just after lunch the new battery arrived for the mower so it was off down to Pillings marina. Round to the sanitary station for another pump out after adding some water to the black water tank tried a pump out to make sure the new fitting was air tight. No problem.
And while we were there.
At last.
Fun and games getting back to our mooring as the breeze was getting up and stopping us reversing onto the finger mooring. Sliding us sideways, even against the bow thruster. Fortunately a couple of the locals saw our plight and took a line to guide us in. Thanks chaps.
Think we may have a lazy day tomorrow.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dirty Rats and Smelly

All go again this week, the sky light is ready for the second attempt at fitting, still hoping to get down on Friday or Saturday when Karen is off.
No it’s not a new bunker it’s the new cold frame. Not very elegant but it is solid and has given me the chance to get to grips with the new domino jointing system. Still on with the gardening and managed to get two rows of King Edwards ploughed in and earthed up. Decided the grass was growing enough to get the ride on mower out of hibernation.
Damn! Found it with a flat tyre so pushed it down to the house to get on the air line – sorted. Quick check over shows no fuel so added a gallon or so, only to find it peeing out all over the patio. Karen will be asking next why her plant pots smell so.
Inspection reveals that a rat has chewed a hole in the fuel line – hope it got something to wash the rubber down with. Popped round to the local garage who helped me out with a piece of new fuel pipe, with a nod and a wink – that’s one of the things about living in a small village, people have time to help each other out.
Just to cap it all the battery seems to be having a job to hold a charge so new one ordered. All this just to cut a bit of green stuff, perhaps we should get a sheep.
On T-A today to replace the black water tank fitting with the damaged thread. Unfortunately it needed a hand inserting though the inspection hatch to hold the underside of the fitting to unscrew it – yuk! Job sorted and straight home, clothes in the washing machine and yours truly in the shower. Aaaaaah!
One thing of note is that with no poo in it the black water tank slides about – it hasn’t been fixed down. Could have been interesting if we had had a good bump.
To that end I have started making a set of six stops out of the old floor boards which will be screwed to the floor.
Not decided yet if I should slot the tops to take cargo straps.
Wouldn’t it be boring if everything was straight forward. J

Saturday, 20 April 2013

It Don't Fit

Down at T-A with Karen yesterday to fit the new skylight. Moved round to the pump out point to have a side on mooring, the pump out worked a treat with the new pipe and just one token did the job. Now I am in a position to take the inspection cover off to be able to put on the new pipe fitting and do away with all the tape and sealant. Once that is done we should have a reliable and effective black water system at last. Had a few leg pulls about being off our normal mooring and possibly getting lost. J 
 Carried the skylight frame down from the car park and dropped it on. So near yet so far, it dropped over the shoulder but was just short of seating correctly.  The temptation was to pull it down with clamps but resisted and brought it all home again. Routed out another 1.5mm from all round the inside of the lip which should be just enough, simple enough job with a 12mm bearing guided bit and changing the bearing for a 9mm one. Starting to build up the layers of varnish again ready for another go next Friday when Karen will be free again.
On the gardening front – more bits planted up and potatoes chitting, only going for main crop this year as we are so late. One last coat of preservative required and cold frame complete.
Slowly but surely catching up.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

On Test

Busy old week all round. In the garden the main plot has had a final run over with the rotovator and Karen has already started planting out broad beans and shallots.
The skylight is finished and I must confess to being pleased with the result.
It has been out in the rain for a few days and there is no sign of water beyond the gutter.
I was a bit worried at first, after turning the hose on it to find the gutter was overwhelmed but at least nothing got by the second lip.
Now It’s just a matter of time to wait for some decent weather when Karen and I are both off together to get the thing fitted. Though before hand the lip on the opening on T-A needs to be varnished, as like everything else on the original build it seems to have been left as bare wood, not being visible.
Down to T-A on Friday and refitted the radiator in the lounge and plumbed it back in – all we need now is the boiler plumbing back in and we will have central heating again.
Yesterday popped over to Bassingfield for some more timber to make the new cold frame and made a start on that. Nearly finished it today while Karen gave the lawns a short back and sides.
As for the beekeeping course – it’s very interesting but I’m beginning to have doubts about keeping bees, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye, but then the purpose of taking the course was to find out what is involved.
Still plenty to do so here’s hoping the weather continues to improve.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Going Like The Clappers

It has been quite slow again while the weather was still a bit chilly. On Easter Monday it was down to Harlaxton Wharf where the GCS Three Shires trip boat was running short trips for the public. Didn’t stay too long as my knee has been giving some grief lately. Despite the cold 72 people came down for a cruise so it looks like this may become a regular thing on bank holidays, certainly for the two in May.
This picture from Ralph in the society.
Depressed by the weather and the lack of progress it seemed right to indulge in a bit of retail therapy, so thanks to Axminster Tools I am now the proud owner of a battery angle grinder and a Festool domino jointer. Can’t really justify the expense but what the heck, the grinder is for the boat because low voltage is safer and Karen wants a new cold frame so I can use the jointer on that.
Seeing that the temperature is starting to rise a bit it was down to T-A last Friday to finally get the varnishing done behind the lounge radiator. Also removed the radiator pipes to bend in a dog leg
so that the pipe work boxing can be moved back an inch. It may not be much but every little helps.
The weather continues to improve so it’s catch up time.
The ground had dried out enough to get the bottom plots rotovated even if it was still a bit sticky, with a bit of varnishing on the skylight that took care of Saturday. Karen has been busy digging a trench to plant asparagus up by the greenhouse.
 Today the under side of the skylight has had its ash trim fitted given its first coat of varnish and the asparagus has been planted.
Let’s hope the weather continues to improve but the forecast isn’t too promising. – Oh yes, and Severn Trent are saying don’t waste water!!!!!!!!!