Friday, 26 April 2013

Oh Happy Day

Pottering about this morning doing various jobs but just after lunch the new battery arrived for the mower so it was off down to Pillings marina. Round to the sanitary station for another pump out after adding some water to the black water tank tried a pump out to make sure the new fitting was air tight. No problem.
And while we were there.
At last.
Fun and games getting back to our mooring as the breeze was getting up and stopping us reversing onto the finger mooring. Sliding us sideways, even against the bow thruster. Fortunately a couple of the locals saw our plight and took a line to guide us in. Thanks chaps.
Think we may have a lazy day tomorrow.


Tom and Jan said...


You're quite a craftsman! Don't despair.... my list of jobs for you to complete is getting longer! :-)


David said...

Thanks for that Tom, but be warned - the price goes up with every compliment ;-)