Thursday, 9 May 2013

Falling Behind Again

I really must get to grips with keeping this blog up to date.
Been chasing my tail over the past days and the longer I leave things the harder it is to remember what happened.
Starting the day after the previous entry it was a day of catch up in the garden, new battery fitted to the mower and grass cut but unable to get the strimmer going to tidy up round the edges.
The following day it was down to T-A again to fit all the furniture on the skylight shuts but only managed to do the catches and the screw clamps to hold the skylight down but at least it is secure now.
The next few days catching up in the garden and round the house, with the late start to the season everything has been rather manic but Karen has got things back on track.
Concentrating on T-A again the black water tank gauge has now been rewired and the stops have been fitted round the tank to stop it sliding about.
The gauge had been mounted in the side of the bed where it was difficult to see but didn’t work anyway, with the gauge and sender connected in parallel across a supply from the bow thruster battery, I think the charred insulation says a lot.
Feed now taken from the control panel fused supply where the gauge will now be mounted. Woodwork in the galley area for the microwave and shelves has been finished off and given its first coat of varnish. The pipe work in the bedroom and lounge has been boxed in again and varnished. Plenty of varnish going on elsewhere on walls, ceilings and floors but loads more to do. Started to reconstruct the lounge cupboard in the workshop but not much to see so far. Things really seem to be moving forward at the moment.
Three days with the GCS during the last week.
Thursday cutting the grass at Woolsthorpe depot, Sunday with the WRG at Owthorpe pulling tree roots out of the canal bed
and on Monday running trips from Harlaxton wharf to raise funds for the society. Doing it next bank holiday as well  – it seems to be a resounding success considering Easter Monday was just an experiment.
Otherwise the bee keeping lessons are still taking place and we have been threatened with hands on experience in a weeks time.

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Tom and Jan said...

When we met up with Chris and Allison he posed the question "Why didn't David by a 'sail-away' and fit it out himself?" You're doing a much better job than the builder! :-)