Sunday, 26 May 2013

Jobs Done, Jobs To Do

Mixed bag during the week, though most of it has been around the home and garden except for Thursday which saw me on a work party with GCS and a couple of boaty afternoons varnishing(Now there’s a surprise) and refitting curtain rails after refurbishment.
Saturday. Early start to Crick boat show and had an enjoyable mooch round seeing a few familiar faces. Purchased two locking filler caps for the diesel, enough rope to hang myself and everybody else in the village as well as a water purifier system off the General Ecology stand.
Mowed the lawns in the evening after we got back
Today, spent the morning in the garden and after lunch took a bit more down to Pillings for the lounge cupboard. Fitted the bedroom cupboard carcase before  doing a bit more varnishing.
Varnishing in the lounge area complete (or as complete as it will be for the moment) with just a few panels in the galley area to do.
Now concentrating on re-hanging doors on wardrobes and bathroom, before moving onto the galley. The plan being to get everything liveable  in front of the engine bulkhead before staring in the engine bay and wheelhouse. The biggest job will be to rerun the gas supply between locker and cooker. At he moment it runs across the middle of the  floor of one of the kitchen cupboards which surely can’t be up to standard, but I think we’ll let a qualified gas fitter sort that one.

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