Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pottering Along

Picking up from last Sunday. Monday was spent around home and garden, after all that’s what bank holidays are for isn’t it?
Tuesday was down to see the doc – sods law – twisted the knee on Friday but because it was a bank holiday week-end the next open surgery was not until Tuesday so Saturday at Crick was spent like an old fart hobbling around with a stick, could have done with one of those electric chariots. Anyway, nothing obvious so referred for an X-ray on Wednesday morning but still waiting on the result. Didn’t stop me from getting down to T-A a few times during the week though. The cupboards installed and been wired in with and extra mains socket and aerial point, also included three 12v sockets for phone chargers etcetera.
Rubbed down ready the last coat of varnish. It originally came up to the gunnel and was thinner meaning that the shelf on top was too narrow to be of any use.
Now there is plenty of room for a radio and DVD and it still does not encroach into the lounge area too much. Wall bracket for the TV is up and CO detector and smoke alarm installed but they have been sitting around so long the batteries are duff.
One thing is apparent at Pillings – it may have been a rough winter and cold spring but there are loads of youngsters about this year
I counted 21 young with one pair of geese, counted them twice because I didn’t believe it first time.
Perhaps it’s all those cold nights huddled on the nestJ

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