Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pottering On

As planned on Thursday, spent a day with the Grantham Canal Society. Hard at it tidying the depot and mowing the grass.
Out on the canal in Centauri in the afternoon
Picking up a bit of rubbish and checking on Mudlark
Ended up just being a passenger as the creaky knee was making it awkward to get into the hold, enjoyable trip none the less. Still managed to end up a scruffy blogger.
Friday it was down to T-A for a few hours in the afternoon, finishing off a few minor jobs but mainly measuring up for the supports for the top step down into the galley and the wheelhouse door frames. It looks like they will have to be replaced as well because water is still coming in, some between the frame and metalwork and some because the step is wide and flat so any list encourages water to collect.
Today has just been keeping the dogs company while Karen was at her painting class – must have been good because she painted the drive gates when she got home. Still managed to modify a bit of trim for T-A’s bathroom and make and fit the supports to the top step ready to be offered up on the next trip down.
The labels for the battery switches are here from America – got a card through the door this morning to say they were at Melton post office with an extra £14 pounds import duty to pay – these are turning out to be very expensive labels, should have opted for dymo tape.

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