Sunday, 6 September 2009

Picture update

Just got these photo's that Ben took today. I couldn't get a decent shot so Kelly has forwarded a couple which I just had to post. I'm sure you'll agree she's starting to look the bees knees now.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

A battleship no longer

Not many photo's this time. Couldn't get far enough back in the paintshop to do her justice. Wheelhouse and skylight have been removed for painting and almost everything is still covered in masking paper. The windows are on site ready to go in and the solid oak flooring has been fitted throughout. The floor has been given a couple of coats of danish oil which has brought the grain out a treat and all the interior has been varnished but with the masking in place it was too dark to photograph.
Sharp end which just needs the winch to be fitted winch to be fitted.

Middle bit with windows going in this afternoon.

Blunt end with wheelhouse to refit.

Think it's a real smart spray job? Think again, Ben and Mike have painted this all by hand and I've yet to find a blemish. I bet we've all seen the boats presented at shows with droopy runs down the side so it's good to see pride being taken in workmanship. Once Andy's signwrighting goes on that'll be about it.

Just a few final jobs and the soft furnishings. Ben's just presented us with the key to the wheelhouse doors.

Not long now. Got to go to work next week but the week after we hope to be taking some of the bits down to the boat to load up, and with luck we can clear enough room around the house to be able to have freinds over to stay again.