Saturday, 21 September 2013

Let There Be Heat

Well the heating is all installed and working after a fashion. I’m wondering if the thermostat is working because the heater just keeps on running. When you turn the dial there is no click to say the contact has opened or closed so that will be a job for the meter in due course. At least it does run and does so without continually shutting down every few minutes.
We can live with that so a fresh cruise is in order --- Yippee!!!
Not sure how long we will be gone for or how far we will get – all depends on weather, T-A not developing any faults and how lazy we feel. J
I’ll try and put out some posts but have a new dongle from EE for the laptop which is an unknown quantity at the moment.
As promised a while back here are a few before and after shots.
Heating as was
And now
Control desk when front removed
And now
Hope you’ll agree that both are quite a bit tidier than before even with a lot more happening.
There is still a task list which I keep adding to but in the main all the essential jobs have been done. The outstanding jobs on the list now are to finish the panelling in the wheelhouse, build a small bedside cabinet and. of course, sort the thermostat.
That aside we now have a boat that is usable all year round – I think the slog has been worth it.
Just hope the examiner agrees as Trudy’s first BSS cert is due in December.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

One Final Revelation

Well things have been going slowly this week. Just bitting and bobbing the main job being to reinstall the Hurricane heating. To do this I have downloaded the Hurricane manual which has caused a bit of confusion. I was already aware of the instuction listed in part 7.2  ‘Ensure the pump is lower than your Hurricane heater’ and that the left hand side should be clear to carry out maintenance and have added a swirl pot to remove air from the system. When installing the swirl pot (Air Trap) I checked the direction of flow against the manual to make sure that it was fitted the right way round.
If you look closely at the following picture you will note that the pump is fitted in reverse, so instead of pushing cool water into the boiler it was sucking hot water out, no wonder we were having problems.
When questioned about the problems our Mr. Harp stated the Hurricane rep had been out and had said that everything was installed as it should be and that there were no problems - are we taking bets on that – about sums up the whole build.
Looking on the bright side – the more problems that are sorted the more chance there is that the system will work when restarted.
Just thinking of all the things that were connected up in reverse – engine cooling system, winch, steering, hot & cold taps and the heating. I think there was something else but I can’t bring it to mind right now. I’ll have to look back to see what it was.
We should be grateful that we got home at all J.
Hopefully there will be a few pictures later in the week when the heating is finished and working, before we go for another cruise. The memsahib states we are definitely not going anywhere at this time of year unless there is heating and hot water – that’s me told then.
Better get cracking.
Just remembered - not exactly in reverse but the winch was wired to the live side of the battery switch.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Very Pleasing Week

At long last a new picture for the top of the page.
Well it has been a busy week clearing out my clutter from T-A. there is still plenty to do, but we decided it was time for a shakedown cruise to try out all the work that has been carried out so far.
Look no tools
We loaded up provisions and dogs and set out yesterday afternoon between showers looking at cruising down to Zouch.
Being the wimpy fair weather boaters that we are decided to wind and night stop at Loughborough when it started to rain again.
Proof that she has left the marina - I'm willing to bet there are a few that thought it would never happen. The modified steering which I was most concerned about worked beautifully and is proving much more responsive, even making a difference when going astern, a bit heavier than before but not uncomfortable with the larger wheel. 
Back to Pillings today. The only shortfall was that it was a bit cool this morning because the Hurricane heating has still got to be installed. (The trouble is it’s been so long since I removed it I can’t remember where I put the silencer J)
It might have been a shakedown cruise but nothing shook off. It may have only been a very short trip but it did enable us to get the dogs used to boating
and try out all the bits and pieces. With a big thumbs up it’s good to know that all the work to date has been a success. While I may be enjoying myself doing all the bits I am no boat builder so every task that bears fruit is considered a bonus.
On top of all the boaty news it has been harvest time with this year yielding a bumper crops in most things.
Here’s a new one though, has anyone heard of a dog that picks and eats blackberrys straight off the bramble?
Tommy in action
Sox is happy with windfall apples and plums. At least the dogs are getting their five a day.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Getting Ready

It has been another mixed bag this past week and rather a smelly one as well.
The second door frame has been fitted and looking good, so hopefully, with the previous work that will make the wheelhouse pretty well water tight so now I can plan on refitting the rotted woodwork.
Both fuel tanks have been drained and the fuel gauge senders have been fitted, managed to get smothered in diesel doing that and Karen nearly refused to let me back in the house. Had to swap the drain plug for a spigot for draining with the tanks full -  that was fun.
We were both down with T-A yesterday, Karen cleaning the fore end and making up the bed ready for the shakedown cruise. For some reason she told me off for using the mop and bucket to clean up the diesel spilt the day before. Ended up with both of us with paintbrushes on the go, Karen varnishing the kitchen cupboards and me giving the door frames a coat of wood impreg.
Today has just been pottering about in the garden and making up some pieces to cover the control panel.