Sunday, 1 September 2013

Getting Ready

It has been another mixed bag this past week and rather a smelly one as well.
The second door frame has been fitted and looking good, so hopefully, with the previous work that will make the wheelhouse pretty well water tight so now I can plan on refitting the rotted woodwork.
Both fuel tanks have been drained and the fuel gauge senders have been fitted, managed to get smothered in diesel doing that and Karen nearly refused to let me back in the house. Had to swap the drain plug for a spigot for draining with the tanks full -  that was fun.
We were both down with T-A yesterday, Karen cleaning the fore end and making up the bed ready for the shakedown cruise. For some reason she told me off for using the mop and bucket to clean up the diesel spilt the day before. Ended up with both of us with paintbrushes on the go, Karen varnishing the kitchen cupboards and me giving the door frames a coat of wood impreg.
Today has just been pottering about in the garden and making up some pieces to cover the control panel.

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