Saturday, 21 September 2013

Let There Be Heat

Well the heating is all installed and working after a fashion. I’m wondering if the thermostat is working because the heater just keeps on running. When you turn the dial there is no click to say the contact has opened or closed so that will be a job for the meter in due course. At least it does run and does so without continually shutting down every few minutes.
We can live with that so a fresh cruise is in order --- Yippee!!!
Not sure how long we will be gone for or how far we will get – all depends on weather, T-A not developing any faults and how lazy we feel. J
I’ll try and put out some posts but have a new dongle from EE for the laptop which is an unknown quantity at the moment.
As promised a while back here are a few before and after shots.
Heating as was
And now
Control desk when front removed
And now
Hope you’ll agree that both are quite a bit tidier than before even with a lot more happening.
There is still a task list which I keep adding to but in the main all the essential jobs have been done. The outstanding jobs on the list now are to finish the panelling in the wheelhouse, build a small bedside cabinet and. of course, sort the thermostat.
That aside we now have a boat that is usable all year round – I think the slog has been worth it.
Just hope the examiner agrees as Trudy’s first BSS cert is due in December.

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If the Hurricane is switched on then the pump should always be running cycling the water around the system. The boiler should switch on/off to maintain the set temperature as required. If you read the room thermostat manual you will see you can set the Hurricane to only heat the calorifier.