Sunday, 15 September 2013

One Final Revelation

Well things have been going slowly this week. Just bitting and bobbing the main job being to reinstall the Hurricane heating. To do this I have downloaded the Hurricane manual which has caused a bit of confusion. I was already aware of the instuction listed in part 7.2  ‘Ensure the pump is lower than your Hurricane heater’ and that the left hand side should be clear to carry out maintenance and have added a swirl pot to remove air from the system. When installing the swirl pot (Air Trap) I checked the direction of flow against the manual to make sure that it was fitted the right way round.
If you look closely at the following picture you will note that the pump is fitted in reverse, so instead of pushing cool water into the boiler it was sucking hot water out, no wonder we were having problems.
When questioned about the problems our Mr. Harp stated the Hurricane rep had been out and had said that everything was installed as it should be and that there were no problems - are we taking bets on that – about sums up the whole build.
Looking on the bright side – the more problems that are sorted the more chance there is that the system will work when restarted.
Just thinking of all the things that were connected up in reverse – engine cooling system, winch, steering, hot & cold taps and the heating. I think there was something else but I can’t bring it to mind right now. I’ll have to look back to see what it was.
We should be grateful that we got home at all J.
Hopefully there will be a few pictures later in the week when the heating is finished and working, before we go for another cruise. The memsahib states we are definitely not going anywhere at this time of year unless there is heating and hot water – that’s me told then.
Better get cracking.
Just remembered - not exactly in reverse but the winch was wired to the live side of the battery switch.


Tom and Jan said...

The word 'dyslectic' comes to mind along with 'arrogance', 'ignorance' and 'incompetent' :-)

David said...

Proper boat builders don't need to waste time on instruction manuals. :-(