Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Very Pleasing Week

At long last a new picture for the top of the page.
Well it has been a busy week clearing out my clutter from T-A. there is still plenty to do, but we decided it was time for a shakedown cruise to try out all the work that has been carried out so far.
Look no tools
We loaded up provisions and dogs and set out yesterday afternoon between showers looking at cruising down to Zouch.
Being the wimpy fair weather boaters that we are decided to wind and night stop at Loughborough when it started to rain again.
Proof that she has left the marina - I'm willing to bet there are a few that thought it would never happen. The modified steering which I was most concerned about worked beautifully and is proving much more responsive, even making a difference when going astern, a bit heavier than before but not uncomfortable with the larger wheel. 
Back to Pillings today. The only shortfall was that it was a bit cool this morning because the Hurricane heating has still got to be installed. (The trouble is it’s been so long since I removed it I can’t remember where I put the silencer J)
It might have been a shakedown cruise but nothing shook off. It may have only been a very short trip but it did enable us to get the dogs used to boating
and try out all the bits and pieces. With a big thumbs up it’s good to know that all the work to date has been a success. While I may be enjoying myself doing all the bits I am no boat builder so every task that bears fruit is considered a bonus.
On top of all the boaty news it has been harvest time with this year yielding a bumper crops in most things.
Here’s a new one though, has anyone heard of a dog that picks and eats blackberrys straight off the bramble?
Tommy in action
Sox is happy with windfall apples and plums. At least the dogs are getting their five a day.

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