Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Playing Catch Up

More chasing my tail over the last weeks. Visited the chandlers to pick up a few bits and pieces as recommended by Chris the boat examiner but most of the time after that has been taken up by the preparation for the WRG work party ant Cotgrave on the Grantham Canal.
The site was to be accessed over a wide ditch and it was decided to make the farmers bridge a bit more secure than it was.
Should have taken some before pics.
Got an invite to attend a CaRT volunteer meeting at Newark as part of the GCS contingent. Found it to be very enlightening with volunteer lock keepers,  towpath wardens and the like attending. The whole mood seemed to be very positive and up beat which I found to be most encouraging.
Back to the Grantham Canal and the WRG week-end.
Did us proud they did, as always.
Shifted quite a few self seeded willows. Thought I had taken a panoramic shot but cocked it up as usualJ.
The following Monday a few of the GCS mob led by Ian were tidying away the tools used and taking Wayne from CaRT who had organised the volunteer meeting out on Three Shires to show what we would like to take on in future.
Since then it has just been a case of being overwhelmed by a case of the dreaded winter barking disease, but hopefully I’m through it now just in time for Christmas.
So Merry Christmas everybody.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Big Sigh

Passed the BSS exam today so Trudy-Ann has a ticket for the next four years. Chris from Ovation Boat Services came over this afternoon and gave the old girl a good going over.
He seemed to be quite satisfied with work carried out to date which was a big boost to me. It is one thing to read manuals and put things together by the book, there is always the question ‘Have I read that right?’ To have it confirmed by somebody who knows what should be what is truly gratifying.
Also picked up a few good hints and tips as to the way forward so it’ll be a quick run down to the chandlers in the next day or two, not least to pick up a new pressure relief valve for the calorifier which has started weeping. Tried reducing the water pump pressure but to no avail.
T-A will be closed down for the winter over the next week or two with a lot if the fittings being removed ready for the session in the paint shop. Railway pensioners Christmas do tomorrow and it looks like a few jobs to be done on the Grantham canal on Thursday in preparation for the Waterways Recovery Group (Wergies) coming to help us out on the 14th & 15th  at Cotgrave.
Can I retire from being retired to give me more time?