Monday, 8 September 2014

On A Whim

Another pottering about week. Met up with Scott from CRT on Monday, seems like one of the information boards on the Grantham Canal is in need of repair and it has been suggested I might be able to do something with it. Turned out that it needs a new frame after the old one has rotted off at the bottom.
Doing a bit more work on the wheelhouse doors and finally ran out of sapele that I could use so it was over to Market Harborough to get some more on Wednesday. Got a couple of 8 foot 15” x 2 ½” boards   I also picked up a piece of white oak that should do for the notice board frame.
That little lot should keep me busy for a while. J
Looking at the weather forecast we decided, what the heck, lets have a couple of days out on Trudy-Ann so Thursday saw me taking down bedding and the like before doing a bit of hovering round the house (eek) ready for Friday.
Friday morning it was just a case of load up the dogs and fridge stuff and we were off.
No big licks just a gentle cruise down to Zouch sharing locks with another couple. Moored up using the new fenders as the stone edge here has a noticeable slope.
And they worked a treat.
Karen gave the old girl a good scrub down while I touched up the paintwork scraped at Holme lock.
In the mean time the dogs were having fun romping up and down the towpath.
Finished the day off with a first rate meal in the Rose & Crown. This is the life.
Saturday dropped through Zouch lock to wind and back up to moor so we could give some TLC to the other side before another gentle cruise back, this time sharing locks with one of the Pillings day boats on a birthday treat.
Roll on the time when we can do this on a regular basis.