Sunday, 25 August 2013

Another Milestone

Pottering about sort of week until the week-end. Making up panels to cover the wiring and control panel, fitting the radio and doing some more work on the second door frame. Soon have that finished and I can try out that Wood Impreg Tom recommended.
That was until Saturday when Chris from Tops Tarpaulins came over and started a hectic day finishing off and fitting the new wheelhouse top. Even the weather was kind to us a bit of rain in the morning and fine from then on which was handy, being naked as it were.

What a smashing new frock she has, made to measure and all stainless steel fittings. Even has Velcro strips inside going round the cross bars to stop it flapping in windy weather. Beautiful job! The most important thing is of course that with the wheelhouse easy to drop again there is no reason (apart from my clutter) that we can’t go cruising – A shake down cruise is definitely on the cards during the next week or so.
Result! J
Went down with Karen this morning to see how Trudy-Ann had fared after all last nights rain. No bother at all, the wheelhouse was quite dry. No water had come through the top or in at the new door frame. Once the starboard door has been done I can really get cracking in the wheelhouse and engine bay. Spent the rest of the day touring chandlers getting the parts needed to re-plumb the Hurricane boiler. Still not got all the parts so may have to do some ordering on-line, but at least it will have an filter in the system along with plenty of other modifications that hopefully will stop it cutting out all the time.

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