Friday, 16 August 2013

Grantham Canal

Just carrying out a few mundane jobs on T-A again this week. The main interest of the week has been the new bottom lock gates at Woolsthorpe. I only went down on Wednesday and Thursday but some of the lads and lasses have been beavering away all week.
Wednesday morning the new gates arrived
but were held up by the lorry delivering the pump getting stuck on the track. Fortunately local farmer John was on hand to drag it out with his tractor and to keep things moving he brought the gates to site on his trailer. It’s a good job we have such handy neighbours.
Taking things seriously as usual.
Balance beams had already been removed the day before
Out with the old
And in with the new – which seemed an opportune moment for Lincolnshire IWA to present the Society a cheque for two thousand pounds towards the cost.
Another photo opportunity for our motley crew – oh this happy band.
By Wednesday evening the gates are in and looking good. A fine piece of woodwork by Hargreaves in ekki (No I hadn’t heard of it before either) but it is supposed to last twice as long as oak .
These are the top gates they fitted last year and are as tight as tight can be – not many gates on the system as dry as that.
Thursday morning and we find that we already have a lodger on the new gates
Despite the work going on he/she/it refused to budge so Dave working in the lock kept it damped down and the Hargreaves lads covered it with a spare hard hat to stop it drying out in the sun.
Gates not quite finished but looking good.
Ah well back to the varnishing. J  

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