Monday, 12 August 2013

Another Busy Week

But not a lot to show for it. The door frames are progressing though there is still a lot to do, not having seen the metalwork surrounding the door I’m having to measure everything and work out what the dimensions are from only what I can see so there has been a lot of measuring and double checking before any cuts are made. Only working on the detail of the starboard door so that if I get wrong at least both are not wrecked.
Otherwise the work on T-A has been more of the mundane – stocking up with gas , mounting the anchor, fitting the radio in the wheelhouse etcetera. On top of that the wiring and rerouting of pipes in the engine bay is finished.
The control cables have been rerouted under the engine between the bearers to enter the back of the cocoon so no more tripping hazards.
Starting to look a bit tidier that when we first got her
Friday morning was helping tidy up Woosthorpe depot on the Grantham Canal
and in the afternoon it was a very enjoyable time over at brother Pete’s for a barbeque.
On Saturday while I was ferreting down below Karen was grafting away topsides giving the old tub a well deserved scrub.
Though it is purely cosmetic because today Trudy-Ann has been booked into the paint shop next February / March to be shot blasted over the top sides and then given 9 (yes 9) coats of paint and be fully sign written. What Andy did on the stern  the first time was  fine but instead of getting the number and name painted on the bow we got a bloody great Ben Harp logo on the gas locker. The top coat of paint is lifting all over the place because the primer wasn’t properly cleaned down before application – so back to bare metal and start again.
The only trouble with spending all this time on the boat is that the dogs are definitely un-impressed. 
Anyway – if there is anybody out there wants a good show, the new lock gates at Woolsthorpe are being replaced on Wednesday and Thursday so there will be a chance to see flying lock gates and balance beams and hopefully there will be a boat through the Woolsthorpe flight for the first time in a good many years. With any luck I should have pictures by the week-end.

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