Sunday, 4 August 2013


Not a lot happening down on the boat this week hence the lack of posts.
Went down to reposition the exhaust outlet.
The U bend should of course be the other way up but when I attempted to loosen it the whole issue refused to budge. Managed to unscrew the skin fitting but even with a 24” stilson the only movement was the silencer mounts threatening to break free. Decided to leave it as it is and just re-lagged it. It’ll get chopped out when the time comes to replace the silencer.
Further up the  exhaust towards the engine the gear change cable was resting on the exhaust.
This has now been re routed under the engine between the bearers. While doing this it came to light that there is a similar port on the opposite side for the throttle cable which at the moment enters the engine cocoon from the side because it is too short, creating a tripping hazard. A longer cable ordered and this will also be routed between the engine bearers.
The rest of the time has been at home making up the new door frames.
The profile of the new step is somewhat more complex than the existing 130 x 35mm plank and will slot over the metalwork rather than rest on it.
The rest of the time has getting to grips with jobs around the garden, reroofing the shed and repairing the lean to, all exciting stuff

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