Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Back to doing my own jobs over the last couple of days.
The first door frame has taken shape. All parts that will not see daylight again given a couple of coats of varnish, the ply across the top is just to help keep it square during fitting.
The main parts are cut and shaped for the second but were not finished off with the intention of waiting to see if the first fitted OK.
Well it did and it fits perfectly, perhaps too perfectly as the is just a 2mm gap all round, it may need some adjustment if the wood swells in damp weather.
All the rebates were cut from measurements so a nervous time during fitting but catches hinges and locks line up fine. First coat of varnish to seal the wood and plenty more to go on.
Now for the second doorframe, though that could be a problem because it is on the off side, might have to leave it until I can get a mooring on the left hand side.


Tom and Jan said...


Have you considered using something like 'Impreg' to treat (waterproof) the timber before varnishing it?

David said...

Hi Tom
Not used it before - have ordered a few litres to give it a try, it's all due to be rubbed down again so no problem there - rumour has it that you are good at rubbing down - any volunteers? :-)