Saturday, 27 July 2013

Over Another Hurdle

Still been working away at those mundane little jobs and believe it or not varnishing is still in progress. Been down to T-A most days this past week and missed out on a coupe of GCS work parties trying to catch up on work around the home. Harvesting and freezing some bits and pieces, Karen is peeling shallots for pickling as I type, looks like it is going to be a bumper year for most things especially fruit.
On the boating front – all the steering bits have been fitted and appear to be working fine but I’ll be happier when Trudy-Ann has been out for a short road test.
As was
Seems familiar?
As it is now
Not perfect but a damn sight better than it was. The old ply mount has been kept but only as a base for the new rudder indicator sender unit – hence the twist of yellow and black wire. In reality that is the last of the main jobs to be done though still waiting for the parts needed to shorten the pipes by about a foot. Another of those jobs that will finish things off nicely but are not essential to the operation.
On the electrical front, no more chasing around it isolate the batteries. The new solenoid switches have all been wired in and are working.
Now you see it.
Now you don’t.
The isolation switches all have a manual override which can be secured out of use for maintenance. The switches are situated by the gangway from below so can easily be got at from anywhere but at the same time there is a possibility of operation by passing elbows, hence the acrylic cover.
Over to Glenmere Timber at Market Harborough again to get some more sapele for the wheelhouse door frames. Had hoped to get away without replacing them but water is still getting between frame and metalwork as well as under the door. What it needs is a base that is not flat and is chamfered to run water off, as well as being rebated to slot over the metalwork to close any gaps.
Only 58 items on the task list now and only four involve varnishing – the end really is in sight.
Easy day planned for tomorrow, The Dogs Trust is having an open day at their kennels near Wymeswold so we are taking Sox and Tommy back for a bit of a reunion - just hope Tommy doesn't think we are going to leave him and in the afternoon it's over to Harlaxton to help out with Three Shires, running short trips for Harlaxton village open day.

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