Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Those Little Things

Lots of little things being done at present.  That myriad of jobs that seem to take up the time and make no discernable difference but need to be done none the less. The fuel fillers have been reinstalled and the rust round the hole removed, primed and painted. In due course the whole rear deck will be repainted featuring a non slip panel as at present when wet it is definitely a place to avoid.
The only thing of note over the last few days has been helping to man Three Shires on Sunday taking a birthday party out on the Grantham Canal. A three hour trip turned into a four and a half hour trip due to the silting up and weed growth of the canal, it is desperately in need of clearing out.
It’s annoying that BW (as it was then) sold the society a dredger to restore and make useable. Now that has been done.
When it was re-launched CaRT threw their toys out the pram because the society had not got their permission. (What did they think was going to happen to it.) Now they have relented but are insisting on one months notice prior to operation, not a lot of use for a volunteer society. CaRT say they want public involvement but one has to wonder.

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