Sunday, 7 July 2013

Seeing Red

Down to T-A in the morning on the last couple of days in an attempt to get a few jobs done before it got too hot. Yesterday it was getting the first coat of paint done where the old gas and steering pipes went.
Today was starting to paint the fuel tank tops and under the rear deck. Painted one side and once that is dry I can move over to get the other side.
Time for a few before shots to show where I’m having to work – and those that know me will know I’m not built for spaces like this J

As mentioned before the muck has now been removed. All the dirt is rust from above and it is surprising how heavy a vacuum full of rust dust gets.
While this work is ongoing the fuel fillers will be replaced for locking ones which I picked up at Crick show
These grotty jubilee clips have nice new stainless replacements waiting in the wings. Note the screws they are way too long – got some new ones on order that will be more appropriate along with extra nuts to act as locking nuts. Yes I know that they will seldom be seen down there, but once it is done I’ll know it has been done as best I can.
Just a quick picture of the steering arm to show why just drilling a hole nearer the pivot point is out of the question
Anyway – back to today – just closing up T-A, noticed some pinkish water sloshing about alongside the engine – balderdash – it’s red diesel, wriggling around on the fuel tanks I’ve part opened the stop cock for the Hurricane boiler but of course the boiler is not connected at the moment. Closed off the stop tap and removed the handle to stop it happening again and also clamped a bolt into the end of the fuel pipe for good measure. Should have done it in the first place – idiot! Emptied the bilge out into a jerry can using a suction pump meant for clearing sinks but it worked quite well. About 15 litres in all but not sure how much is water as this was the same bay as the calorifier with the weepy relief valve. So tomorrow it’s round to the local garage to see if they can advise me how to dispose of some dirty diesel.
Cooling down at last – time to feed the dogs and get the hoe on the garden, water the hanging baskets and greenhouse - did somebody say the days were getting shorter now? J

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Tom and Jan said...

Nice of your old mate Ben to prime and then apply a coat of bilge paint to all that steel (LOL)