Monday, 22 July 2013

Scrapheap Challenge

Still working away at those minor jobs, running cable for the new fuel gauges and stern light etc.
Managed to get a bit more crewing on the GCS trip boat and it looks like there are going to be busy times the second week of August because there may well be new bottom gates going in at Woolsthorpe lock 18.
I digress, back to T-A.
Mostly though it is getting to grips with the steering, how to install it securely and increase the rudder angle. Firstly we need a bracket to mount the hydraulic ram, the plan being to bolt it to the bottom of the  back bulkhead in the wheelhouse. Into the scrap corner to see what’s there – a bit of ¼” plate should do the trick.
Mark it out
Cut and clean
Drill and weld it
Paint it.
The angle should align the ram up exactly with the rudder armand now the assembly will be held down by four M8 bolts instead of size 6 wood screws.
Now for the rudder arm, another delve into the scrap corner but all I can find is a bit of 1½” (Lots of the stuff has been there for years so not much metrication) round brass bar.
Machine a face top and bottom
Drill the appropriate holes and machine a slot to recess the bolt head and stop it turning when being tightened.
A bit Heath-Robinson but it should be strong enough and reduces the pivot point from 140 to 105mm which should by my reckoning increase the rudder angle from 35 to 49 deg while only increasing load on the piston by 50% so a bit of a compromise on the original plan – time will tell.
The neighbours can relax for a bit as the workshop should be quiet for the next day or two J

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Tom and Jan said...

If I'd known you could weld I'd have got you to do the two small jobs on Waiouru! LOL