Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cooking With Gas

Well its been a real boaty week this week. Cleaning up on Monday and getting ready for the gas fitter to come and install the new gas supply, not forgetting a bit more painting.
An early start (for me) to get down to Trudy-Ann before nine to meet up with Chris Williams form Ovation Boat Services. Kept out of the way best I could while Chris set to work with a will. We now have a first rate set up, with a continuous (as in no joints) feed between the gas locker and the test point close to the cooker and all run in conduit for protection.
The flexible pipes have been replaced by rigid connections into both hob and oven each having its own isolation valve.
Shows the original up for the cowboy job it was. What is more it runs where I wanted it to run and it is out of the way, and all done on the hottest day so far - I was cream crackered doing nothing. J
The last couple of days has been doing more painting under the rear deck.
Yep - everything has turned white including me.
Two coats of Smoothrite and it could really do with a third, but that will have to wait. It certainly makes a difference though because today’s pictures are using daylight whereas the before shots used an inspection lamp – black hole no longer.
Sod’s law reigns – old fuel fillers removed to fit the new thinking it would be a straight swap but the new ones are just too tight a fit in the holes and they only have three fixings and not four. No major problem and on this hole it may just be a case of take your pick – nope not one lines up.
Hey ho – at least it is now a cleaner environment to fit the new steering.

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Tom and Jan said...

Almost as any holes as one of our former mushroom vents!