Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Scruffy Bloggers Meet

Not a lot to mention over the last few days with just a few boat bits made up in the workshop and the rest of the time catching up with the gardening. Until Tuesday that is when I met up with Chris from Tops Tarpaulins to measure up for our new top. Should be ready in about three weeks.
Today I met up with fellow blogger and fellow BH devotee Tom and Jan off nb Waiouru
Now this seems familiar
We had been vying recently as to who was the scruffiest and it looks like I won because Tom was forced to present me with a New Zealand T-shirt – just wondering where to sew the union flag J. Pleased to meet Jan for the first time and managed to have a good old doggie natter while Tom sorted out the neighbours. Spent the afternoon comparing boats as you do, great to meet up with you both.
Got a GCS work party tomorrow so I’ll definitely be the scruffiest blogger after that.
Anyway the morris men are performing outside the pub over the road right now so it’s time to go and watch.

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