Monday, 17 June 2013

Not Much To See

Busy day in the garden mowing and hoeing yesterday.
Early start (For me anyway) today. Packed lunch and set off for Ilkeston to get additional wire for battery switches.
Came back via Trudy-Ann and set about installing the battery switches for bow thruster and winch along with all the extra fuses for solenoids and remote indicator lights..
Completed that bit of a job and switches working on manual for the moment. Still have to make the panel for the control desk but will not do that until it is time to wire in the battery switches for engine and domestic batteries but the wiring is in place with just a few spade terminals to fit.
Refrigerator removed to start cutting out beside the cooker. Looking at the sink with a view to fitting the new water purifier tap I realised that the kitchen has been built around the sink so the is no way of removing it without removing at least the worktop which also means removing the hob and splash back. Blinding flash of the obvious and have now started cutting an access hole in the fridge alcove to give me access behind the sink.
Isn’t it strange that the things you don’t see take all the time but if you don’t do them they stick out like a sore thumb.

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