Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Bit Like Christmas

Well the new strimmer arrived on Tuesday so spent most of the day playing with that. In fact the garden has been the centre of attention for three days on the trot. I doubt if it knows what hit it with all that hoe, hoe hoeing.
Yesterday was and early start down at Trudy-Ann running the cable for the battery switches but managed to run out after the long runs to bow thruster and winch so it looks like another run to Ilkeston next week. While down there the heavens opened a few times but the new skylight stayed watertight so I’m pleased about that. Also looked at the long cupboard behind the cooker. The panel to the left of the cooker has been removed and I am looking to turn it into a door to make access easier but that gap will have to be opened up a bit.
You can just make out the gas pipe running across the floor of the cupboard which I think must be a hazard. The electric supply ran with it, but since the rewire it now comes in from the top.
During the week multi connectors were fitted to the battery switches in readiness for installation and I noted that the labels for the switches did not cover all the uses that they were intended for. An e-mail to blue sea systems  resolved the problem and they are sending out additional labels at $1 each – the only trouble is that postage comes in at $29.95. Ouch!
Been pottering about today between the showers making new backs for the key racks which were pine but are now ash. Just waiting for the varnish to dry.

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