Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bit Here Bit There

Friday was spent doing a few odd jobs in the morning, mainly trying to sort out the strimmer which has been playing up. Ended up throwing my toys out the pram and ordering a new one. Going for a four stroke engine this time as two strokes always seem so temperamental, so if anyone wants a Mculloch Cabrio for spares or repair they are welcome to it. Popped over to Ilkeston in the afternoon to get some bits from Vehicle Wiring Products to make up the feed cables for the remote battery switches.
Yesterday (Saturday) was spent making up the new cable. 30M in all and it smells very nice because I used talcum powder as a lubricant to reduce friction as it was all pulled through, it always used to work for rubber so I am assuming it will be just as effective with modern plastics. To avoid confusion it is the same colour code as from the switches themselves.
Just got back from T-A.
Took the wardrobe doors down but they need to be trimmed top and bottom by 2mm so they came home again to be trimmed on the table saw, I’m always concerned about splintering if using a plane on end grain. The curtains are back up and at long last the TV is installed along with the DVD which was all promised in the original build.
Only good for videos because the aerial will have to wait until the mast is made, but at least we have an alternative to the radio.
Oh and did I mention there has been some varnishing going on.

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