Thursday, 20 June 2013

We Have Water

Yes and you can drink it too.
Well on Tuesday I continued cutting an access into the side of the sink and guess what was there. Yep, off-cuts, sawdust and general detritus as was under the deck and kitchen cupboards. Tried to take a picture but the batteries are low so the flash would not work. While I Was down there in a destructive mood I also opened up the access beside the oven. It’s not brilliant but it will give us a bit more storage and enable us to get to the blind spot in the long cupboard, though I think changing the old panel into a door may be a bit of a challenge.
Wednesday and now having access to the back of the sink we can finally get rid of the old tap.
It just doesn’t go with a Belfast sink or for that matter the rest of the fittings. New tap acquired and fitted along with the General  Ecology spigot.
Did a bit of tidying and called it a day because I needed a couple of adaptors for the tap connectors.
This morning was an hour in the garden trying to keep the weeds at bay and starting on the framework for the batter switch remote panel. In the afternoon down to T-A to plumb everything in and checking it out, only had one leaky joint which was soon nipped up.
More varnishing next on the agenda – got away with it for a week, but the insides of the cupboards have never had a coat up to yet so they are in for a big surprise.
Gas fitter arranged for the second week in July all being well so the oven will be coming out for that.
That light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting brighter.

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