Thursday, 16 May 2013

More Varnishing

Started working on the cupboard again yesterday and soon realised that all the catches , handles etc. were down on T-A so did what I could in the morning and popped over to Pillings Lock in the afternoon. Apart from going down to collect the ironmongery I was interested in seeing how the skylight had fared after all the rain on Tuesday night. This would be its first serious rainfall so had been keeping fingers crossed. Needn’t have worried the interior was fine, same could not be said about the wheelhouse, the sheeting was sagging under the weight of water  and a lot came in when I tried to push it over the side. Really must get a move on and get the new canopy made, we’ve been meaning to for ages but have been hanging on for the skylight because the plan now is to have a cover made for that as well. Spent the rest of the afternoon varnishing the microwave shelf and some more of the lounge area. Called time at five, having to get back and get changed for the beekeeping lesson in Grantham.
Kicked the lessons into touch last night when it was shown that hives should be inspected weekly and certainly no more than every nine days for the welfare of the bees and to forestall the bees swarming and having them clear off to a better hive. Once Karen retires then the idea is to include plenty of extended cruising into our plans so beekeeping is perhaps not the best idea for us.
Finished off the cupboard this morning and assembled it loosely.
The top two shelves have been made large enough to take wine glasses with a space to the left to take the owners manual and associated publications. The bottom is tall enough to take wine bottles and other containers waiting to go into the cool store under the steps. Think I am finally getting my priorities right.
Since the pictures it has been partly dismantled and has had the first coat of varnish.
All I want now is a break in the showers long enough to cut the grass.

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