Saturday, 11 May 2013

Lounge Cupboard

Friday morning saw me getting wet and smelly cleaning out the fishpond filters while Karen did more work in the garden. Spent the afternoon cutting and planning the top of the cupboard which will also make a shelf for the DVD player and other bits.
Before and after – only just fitted in the planer.
The new cupboard will be much deeper that before without the fancy columns so the footprint will hardly be any larger, in fact it will be a few centimetres narrower. Still using part of the columns to make the new rounded corners. Might as well use what I can seeing that it has been paid for.
Today has been spent making the cupboard framework in a form that can be dismantled and reassembled on the boat.
The second side is made, just in clamps waiting for the glue to go off. The cupboard doors are the originals, only shortened when I re-glued all the doors after they started coming apart. So you could say the cupboard has been made to fit the doors and not the doors to fit the cupboard.
Karen has been busy in the garden again today – now there are just a few brassicas ( Is that the correct plural?) left to go in.
Rain stopped play for her so she has been busy baking. I don’t know – must be one o’ them couch potatoes. J
The question has been raised as to why we didn’t go for a sailaway lined and fit it out ourselves. Well that was the original plan.
The idea being that while Karen was still working I would be down on T-A instead of being at work, but it was pointed out to us by several people that if the boat was fitted out professionally it would be ready sooner and with me having time to do more around the home we would be able to spend most of our free time cruising. Well I for one didn’t take much convincing that that was a good idea and it would have been if we hadn’t happened on a cowboy builder. With the benefit of hindsight it would have been better for me have fitted Trudy-Ann out from a sailaway, but at the same time it would be even better if it had been fitted out properly by a professional in the first place. I am happy with the work to date and I am enjoying doing it but I can not delude myself that I am anything other than an enthusiastic amateur. I just wish I found it as easy as a craftsman makes it look, but then I might not get the same sense of achievement. J

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