Sunday, 19 May 2013

Yet More Varnishing

Slip, slap, slop, Friday was spent giving the cupboard its first coat of varnish and doing the odd job around the home.
Saturday was a long day down on Trudy-Ann, if it moved it got screwed and if it stood still it got varnished.
The shelves over the kitchen area are now complete and have the microwave installed.
The walls and ceiling in the lounge area have been given a coat and the furniture has been moved over to the side of the floor done on Wednesday. All set to be varnished as the cupboard is installed.
Took a shot of the skylight to show how light it is inside now
but with an even brighter sky it doesn’t show up too well.
Still lots if varnishing to do so I may have to start numbering these posts ( Day 97 and the varnishing is still not finished J )
Today has been giving the shelves a final coat of the clear paint like substance, before attacking the lawns with the mower. Couldn’t get the strimmer to run properly, looks like there may be a slight leak at the inlet manifold so it looks like a trip to the local motor factors for a tube of liquid gasket. Another job to add to the list. Now let me think – re-felt the shed roof, repair cracked pane in greenhouse, make shutters for front windows, new gates for driveway, wash car, tidy workshop, block pave drive – buggrit, it's sunny and I want to go cruising!!!

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Tom and Jan said...


Keep practising with the varnish. Waiouru needs a 3rd interior coat! :-)