Saturday, 20 April 2013

It Don't Fit

Down at T-A with Karen yesterday to fit the new skylight. Moved round to the pump out point to have a side on mooring, the pump out worked a treat with the new pipe and just one token did the job. Now I am in a position to take the inspection cover off to be able to put on the new pipe fitting and do away with all the tape and sealant. Once that is done we should have a reliable and effective black water system at last. Had a few leg pulls about being off our normal mooring and possibly getting lost. J 
 Carried the skylight frame down from the car park and dropped it on. So near yet so far, it dropped over the shoulder but was just short of seating correctly.  The temptation was to pull it down with clamps but resisted and brought it all home again. Routed out another 1.5mm from all round the inside of the lip which should be just enough, simple enough job with a 12mm bearing guided bit and changing the bearing for a 9mm one. Starting to build up the layers of varnish again ready for another go next Friday when Karen will be free again.
On the gardening front – more bits planted up and potatoes chitting, only going for main crop this year as we are so late. One last coat of preservative required and cold frame complete.
Slowly but surely catching up.

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