Sunday, 7 April 2013

Going Like The Clappers

It has been quite slow again while the weather was still a bit chilly. On Easter Monday it was down to Harlaxton Wharf where the GCS Three Shires trip boat was running short trips for the public. Didn’t stay too long as my knee has been giving some grief lately. Despite the cold 72 people came down for a cruise so it looks like this may become a regular thing on bank holidays, certainly for the two in May.
This picture from Ralph in the society.
Depressed by the weather and the lack of progress it seemed right to indulge in a bit of retail therapy, so thanks to Axminster Tools I am now the proud owner of a battery angle grinder and a Festool domino jointer. Can’t really justify the expense but what the heck, the grinder is for the boat because low voltage is safer and Karen wants a new cold frame so I can use the jointer on that.
Seeing that the temperature is starting to rise a bit it was down to T-A last Friday to finally get the varnishing done behind the lounge radiator. Also removed the radiator pipes to bend in a dog leg
so that the pipe work boxing can be moved back an inch. It may not be much but every little helps.
The weather continues to improve so it’s catch up time.
The ground had dried out enough to get the bottom plots rotovated even if it was still a bit sticky, with a bit of varnishing on the skylight that took care of Saturday. Karen has been busy digging a trench to plant asparagus up by the greenhouse.
 Today the under side of the skylight has had its ash trim fitted given its first coat of varnish and the asparagus has been planted.
Let’s hope the weather continues to improve but the forecast isn’t too promising. – Oh yes, and Severn Trent are saying don’t waste water!!!!!!!!!

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