Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dirty Rats and Smelly

All go again this week, the sky light is ready for the second attempt at fitting, still hoping to get down on Friday or Saturday when Karen is off.
No it’s not a new bunker it’s the new cold frame. Not very elegant but it is solid and has given me the chance to get to grips with the new domino jointing system. Still on with the gardening and managed to get two rows of King Edwards ploughed in and earthed up. Decided the grass was growing enough to get the ride on mower out of hibernation.
Damn! Found it with a flat tyre so pushed it down to the house to get on the air line – sorted. Quick check over shows no fuel so added a gallon or so, only to find it peeing out all over the patio. Karen will be asking next why her plant pots smell so.
Inspection reveals that a rat has chewed a hole in the fuel line – hope it got something to wash the rubber down with. Popped round to the local garage who helped me out with a piece of new fuel pipe, with a nod and a wink – that’s one of the things about living in a small village, people have time to help each other out.
Just to cap it all the battery seems to be having a job to hold a charge so new one ordered. All this just to cut a bit of green stuff, perhaps we should get a sheep.
On T-A today to replace the black water tank fitting with the damaged thread. Unfortunately it needed a hand inserting though the inspection hatch to hold the underside of the fitting to unscrew it – yuk! Job sorted and straight home, clothes in the washing machine and yours truly in the shower. Aaaaaah!
One thing of note is that with no poo in it the black water tank slides about – it hasn’t been fixed down. Could have been interesting if we had had a good bump.
To that end I have started making a set of six stops out of the old floor boards which will be screwed to the floor.
Not decided yet if I should slot the tops to take cargo straps.
Wouldn’t it be boring if everything was straight forward. J

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