Sunday, 14 April 2013

On Test

Busy old week all round. In the garden the main plot has had a final run over with the rotovator and Karen has already started planting out broad beans and shallots.
The skylight is finished and I must confess to being pleased with the result.
It has been out in the rain for a few days and there is no sign of water beyond the gutter.
I was a bit worried at first, after turning the hose on it to find the gutter was overwhelmed but at least nothing got by the second lip.
Now It’s just a matter of time to wait for some decent weather when Karen and I are both off together to get the thing fitted. Though before hand the lip on the opening on T-A needs to be varnished, as like everything else on the original build it seems to have been left as bare wood, not being visible.
Down to T-A on Friday and refitted the radiator in the lounge and plumbed it back in – all we need now is the boiler plumbing back in and we will have central heating again.
Yesterday popped over to Bassingfield for some more timber to make the new cold frame and made a start on that. Nearly finished it today while Karen gave the lawns a short back and sides.
As for the beekeeping course – it’s very interesting but I’m beginning to have doubts about keeping bees, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye, but then the purpose of taking the course was to find out what is involved.
Still plenty to do so here’s hoping the weather continues to improve.

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