Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Water water everywhere

The question has been asked “Why is there so much rust in the picture at the top of the blog”
Here it is again as this entry will move down and I will probably change the picture in due course.
Well there are a lot of reasons really. It was first reported by Ben when he came back from the paint shop that there was water coming up past the rudder post when under way and that the void between the tanks behind the weed hatch was full of water. He demanded that I get Bluewater to come and sort it out. Thought it was his problem at this stage but no it was up to me. After a bit of persuasion Dave from Bluewater agreed to come down to Great Haywood to investigate and sort it out. When I let Kelly know what had been arranged Ben refused Bluewater access to his site but insisted that it was not his problem to sort out. Bit pointless telling me to get Bluewater involved really. Ended with me trying to sort the problem myself. When I finally got the weed hatch out I guessed the water had been getting in here – not having seen the boat underway – there was a bit of weld spatter and no seal. Cleaned it all down and fitted sealing strip. There was no telling how much of the water had gotten in earlier in the construction when the wheelhouse was open and the hole behind the gas locker for the emergency steering had been open since the build started
Ben seemed to have no immediate plan to cap this hole so I picked up a 2” BSP male cap from the local plumbers merchant which screwed in perfectly.
We were stuck with this problem until we got back to our mooring at Pillings Lock and now you can appreciate the importance for getting the bilge pump sorted before we set out from Great Haywood.
Back at Pillings I cut a 2” hole in the plate behind the weed hatch to siphon out any water.
You can just see it here, and I raised the rudder bearing enough to fit this contraption to the post and refit the bearing.

A bit Heath Robinson but it worked which would hold things until the boat was slipped. Lots of rust simply because water has been sloshing around in there for far too long. Once I am sure no more water is coming in and it is perfectly dry the void will be Waxoyled and the visible surfaces rubbed down and painted.  A lengthy story but I hope it answers the question.
Ben always stated all the problems were of Bluewaters making even to making a comment on his web site. Bluewater haven't done this or should have done that but in the begining when the hull was being built I was being asked by David at Bluewater to make decisions because Ben could not be contacted or had not replied so it really would be interesting to hear Bluewaters side in the latter stages as I did not get involved, nor was I interested in the details of the contract between the two companies. My contract was with Ben Harp Narrow Boats

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