Saturday, 23 July 2011

Slipway day 2

Made an early start to get as much done as possible, just as well because we ended up with more painting than planned. Whilst I fitted the new baffle plate to the rudder post to  stop our water problems, Karen stripped the masking tape off the rubbing strake (which we used to save the cream paintwork from blacking) only most of the paint came with it. The undercoat was fine but it hadn’t been cleaned down properly in the paint shop, this is happening in several places. I expect it’ll be from those weeks spent under the trees at Great Haywood. Anyway back to the baffle plate, I just hope I got it right because I don’t fancy swimming.
The theory is it slides together and is then clamped in place.
Another of the items raised by the surveyor was that there was no hull identification number on the right aft of the hull. So armed with a nice new set of 12mm stamps and the biggest lump hammer I could buy I proceeded to wake the marina up.
Not content with that the number got stamped in a few other obscure places as well.
For the last few months we have had to leave the mop bucket on the top step into the main cabin.
The deck had a drain fitted but rather that connect it to the outside our wonderful builder decided to plug it with sealant.
Think we need some paint under here. Drain at the top inverter to the left, And this is what came out.
New hole and skin fitting connected to drain and we are dry at last
Slipped Trudy-Ann back into the water on the Monday morning and a few thrashes with the prop back to our mooring seem to prove the baffle works. Fingers crossed for the future.

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