Thursday, 14 July 2011

More wiring problems

The latest problem started with the water pump tripping and it would not stay in. Not a good sign. Of the two wires from the back of the trip both ran under the gunwhale to where one dropped down behind the sink. There seemed to be a joint down there which I could not reach from above or below so ended up having to remove the sink backing and cut into the panelling.
The wiring split into two with some poorly fitted spade terminals wrapped in insulation tape and split again further down. These were found to connect to the water pump, refrigerator and cooker ignition. All were duly disconnected but the switch kept tripping. The second wire was disconnected at the trip switch and problem solved or sort of. Everything else still worked I could find no reason for the cable being the so with it off I connected a trace tone and followed in in the cable run all the way to the bow but no sign. Next attempt took me up into the control panel when it dawned on me that this cable must be in contact with the hull somewhere and I was getting a signal each time I got close to bare metal. Doh!
Tracing this wiring I removed the front panel of the control desk and I can see why Ben conceals all the screws with wooded bungs. I don’t think you are supposed to see what is behind.

I think this wire must have been too short
All the wiring looks the same and is not labelled in any way so I treated myself to an all singing all dancing Dymo machine
Set about the wiring and did my best to tidy up this cats cradle and fit a grommet to the new hole found. I’m no electrical wizard but some of the things I am finding make me cringe.
In the hopes that I can be educated and be better equipped to deal with any other horrors I may find I signed up for a week-end boat electrics course with Tony Brooks under the flag of RCR. Marvellous course at Beeston in April can heartily recommend it.

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