Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Work starts

After the surveyors report Karen was so disgusted on her next day off she went down to the marina and rubbed the gas locker down and painted out the Ben Harp Narrowboats logo. She told me what she had done when I got back from work and I had to agree it was abrilliant idea. Why should we provide free advertising for shoddy work. The signwriting had rankled ever since we saw it. The stern had the name and mooring on the back O.K but the registration numbers had been missed off the wheelhouse and the name off the bow. When asked obout it the response was that he (Andy) had forgotten to do it, strange how he didn't forget the logo.
Knowing now what sort of person we were dealing with I would love to hear Andy's side of the story, likewise Bluewater and the firm that was going to make the wheelhouse cover.
First job on my list was to get those fuel tank breathers sorted. I certainly didn't help matters that the tanks now had fuel in them, good job it was deisel. I managed to get a taper and second 3/4 BSP taps of the internet and reamed out the holes very gently with plenty of grease, firstly to prevent sparks and secondly to try and stop the swarf falling into the tank. Took time as the steel is at least 6mm on the tanks but it's done now with brass fittings screwed firmly in place.
If I can do it why couldn't a so called boat builder do it before the boat was fuelled. How can anybody be so free and lose when it concers safety?

Yes it's a prop shaft, so what. But its straight -- Raised the engine with an old car jack and inserted some lengths of mahogany capped with 50x3mm strip steel to take the engine bearers. Total lift about 22mm, you can just see the end of one on top of the engine bearer.

New arched roof bearers made with stainless clamps and dowels to replace the flat roof.
Not a lot of work being carried out before October as I still have to go to work.

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