Sunday, 10 July 2011


Retirement had been planned for October 10th but I was persuaded to stop on another 2 weeks. Pity really as I had liked the idea of 10/10/10 as my retiremet date.
The following Friday it was a party at the Brunswick in Derby where I was given a right royal send off. Freinds from all departments and areas of the railway were there. So good to see so many familliar faces, the only problem being that so many people turned up it was a case of just time for a few quick words before the next arrival and by the end of the evening the room was bursting at the seams. I only hope I didn't miss anybody, and if I did I'm truly sorry. At the end of the night Karen and I staggered back to the hotel laden with bags of gifts, flowers and cards.  ( Had the sense to ralise I would be in no fit state to drive home.) Thanks everbody it was a memorable evening, it's just a shame it couldn't go on for another two days so I could give everybody th attention they deserved. 
One of the presents was a fat envelope which enabled me to buy this super swedish workbench with all bells an whistles. This is going to be a great help when it comes to rebuilding the wheelhouse and skylight. 
 First job on this is to replace the warped wheelhouse doors
This time they will be built with proper joints and single piece panels but that's work in progress and this tale hasn't got that far yet. 
Over Christmas and the new year retirement plans kicked into life which had not allowed for having to refit a new boat, so tt was effectively put on hold for a while.
Decorate the lounge, new central heating boiler, fine, shower cubicle in the bathroom not so good. It's a very old house and the original horse hair plaster came off with the old tiles. So it was a case of bathroom back to bare brick and start fom scratch. Hey ho.
Rang work and asked to come back for a rest! Who said I would be bored? 

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