Friday, 8 July 2011

Cabin hatch

During the summer the hatch down to the cabin split, nice and cleanly as you can see. That is because it split on a joint,(if you can call a glued butt joint a joint)  Thats what I call quality woodwork. Should have used that glue they claim to be stronger tan the wood itself.
My solution is seemples as they say in Meerkovo. Pop in some biscuits - making sure they are ginger nuts, as digestives are a bit too soft. Not too technical are we Ben? 
 A couple of battens for strength, screwed and glued. Yep I can do concealed screws too.
 Add a hande on top to aid placement and removal.
 Then add a large baulk of timber to the underside wih a Chubb security lock built into it to stop the doors being kicked in rather thab a flimsy hasp. Note the escutcheon plate - gosh I whish we could have had some fitted to the wheelhouse doors.

Just to finish off an escutcheon plate from a Chubb safe. The only problem so far is having to grind back the key top because the lock is buried so deep in the woowork.
Proper job. Pity you can stll see the screwholes from the origial staple -another little task for the future. Hopefuly when we are moored up for the evening after a days cruising. I can dream too you know.

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Tom and Jan said...

The finished product looks very smart.