Monday, 18 July 2011

News of all sorts

Bad News.
Firstly I got robbed last Saturday by a couple of thugs in Hixon near Great Haywood. Lots of threats, cursing and insults but then I’ve been insulted by experts when working on stations. They got away with my camera, i-pod and phone with lots more threats of what would happen if I called the police.
Staffs. Police soon arrived after I got to a phone and duly gave a statement over a coffee at the nick. Done plenty of them over the years but normally about dead people.

Good News
I find I’m insured new for old so it looks like they did me a favour. So as it is possible one of them reads this blog or has it read to him. Thanks!

Sad News
We lost Myaa our chief lookout just before Christmas
 Shortly after her partner in crime was diagnosed with a terminal illness

Brilliant News
Nobody told Brock - and he made a wonderful recovery.
So much so that we had to get him a new playmate.
This little terror GSD x Husky called Sox from UK German Shepherd Rescue.

A slight divergence today but plenty of boat blogging in the near future. Nearly back up to date.

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