Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Decided to remove the skylight to use it as a pattern for a new one. Only problem was that it started to fall to peices as we carried it back to the car. Hole covered by a temporary ply lid clamped from the inside and sheeted over again 
Because of all the leaks before we sheeted the skylight, the oak flooring in the main cabin had warped quite badly, but even after drying out and the use of a dehumidifier the flooring is still out of shape. Plenty of tripping hazards down here.
When the skylight was completely dismantled it was found that the corners of the shuts were only held together by one Kreg pocket screw. The rebate is to hold the acrylic but he sapele cap just fell off because there were only a few screws holding it down by just 6mm thread. Discolouration indicates water was getting under here.
No provision has been made for the replacement of the acrylic which may occour from time to time without completely dismantling the framework. The wheelhouse has the same fault in that it is constructed in the same maner as the kitchen units so the only way to replace the glass is to dismantle the framework. Another job for the list.
At least I while down at the boat I got one of those niggling little jobs out the way. The cupboard door in the kitchen next to the hull opened to the left which made it awkward ot get anything out.
Just added a battern to the right hand side for the hinges and turned the door upside down and repositioned the handle.
Much easier to get anything out. Next job added to the list is to move the gas feed to the cooker which runs across the bottom half way down this cupboard. Push back too hard and you risk damaging the gas pipe.
Brilliant innit!

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